360 Video: ROCKET LAUNCH into EF4 tornado south of Lawrence, KS; Carried 30+ miles recording data

360 Video of ROCKET LAUNCH into wedge tornado south of Lawrence, KS as parachute sensor deployed at 800 feet, lofted up to 34,000 feet and was carred for over 30 miles either inside the tornado or the mesocyclone above. This tornado was rated an EF4 by NWS damage survey, and thankfully no one lost their lives. The rating is consistent with the 180-190 mph horizontal speeds we measured with the probe. Live streaming sensors designed by @chasinspin. We will be sharing a 3D animation of the probes trajectory inside the tornado as soon as we can. I apologize for being way over excited in this video. We put a lot into this

THANK YOU to Matthew DuBois and Jerry Belk for miraculously finding the parachute sensor just SW of the KCI airport on the Kansas side near United Methodist Church this afternoon.

Also this research would not be possible if it weren’t for our FB supporters.

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