360 Video: TORNADO INTERCEPT northwest of Laramie, Wyoming on July 6, 2019!

GoPro Fusion footage of close-range tornado crossing highway 287 northwest of Laramie, WY on July 6, 2019 including destroying a large hay barn just on the west side of the highway. This zone north of Elk Mountain is notorious for producing tornadoes, as low-level easterly winds with moisture are funneled through the gap in the topography. This supercell went nuts as soon as it was even with the tall snow-capped Elk Mountain, WY. Be sure to pan up at the end to see the funnel spinning overhead. You may need to view this on a mobile device for the full 360 experience!

Now the focus shifts to the Gulf of Mexico where soon-to-be Tropical Storm Barry is already having flooding/water spout impacts in the New Orleans area. I am likely heading down there to intercept before the end of the week

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