LIVE breakdown of severe weather threat in East Texas tomorrow (Friday, December 11, 2020

LIVE briefing on marginal severe weather threat that could erupt Friday afternoon/evening across portions of East Texas, likely just east of DFW. I see an arc of transient low-topped supercell structures developing by 4-5 pm Southeast OK into northeastern TX that will Peter out by 6 pm as they close in on Arklatex. Also a line of transient supercells that will be starving for surface based instability in Far East TX. Maybe a couple of severe storms in the Piney Woods late near/just after sunset before low-level shear ejects, but there is a very narrow window. Overall, the Gulf of Mexico is WORKED OVER so not much in the way of moisture available for the warm sectors of these storm systems. I hope you enjoy by WEATHER REPORTS!

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