RECORD-BREAKING TORNADO in southern MS on Easter 2020. Meteorological breakdown of the setup!

LIVE recap of the tornado outbreak on Easter Sunday of April 12, 2020, with dual long-track supercells producing strong-to-violent tornadoes. The lead supercell produced two EF4 tornadoes, the second of which with a path length of 68 miles with winds estimated up to 190 mph (preliminary NWS survey). The second supercell in southern MS produced an EF3 tornado with a track longer than 80 miles. These tornadoes could still be upgraded in the coming days based on further analysis. Dozens of tornadoes were produced along the surface low track from early Sunday morning in far East Texas through Monroe, LA area, just west of Yazoo City, MS; south of Brooksville, MS and a very tragic tornado on the east side of Chattanooga, TN. This breakdown also provides a storm chaser perspective having chased this outbreak, and made some serious errors to not be within range of the two renegade supercells in southern MS. More significant severe weather expected on next Sunday, April 19, 2020.

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