ROCKET LAUNCHED into monster wedge tornado! Tornado lofted sensor to over 34,000 FEET!

Full video: ROCKET DEPLOYMENT into powerful wedge tornado south of Lawrence KS yesterday. The only option for successful deployment is right in the “notch” of developing wedge. @ChasinSpin live streaming tornado sensors worked flawlessly up to over 34,000 FEET! Detailed data analyses underway and we will be sharing some preliminary results soon, first with the FB supporters who made this field research possible. The sensors collected temperature, pressure, relative humidity, acceleration and GPS data and streamed to ground receiver in Dominator 3 at a rate of 1 Hz.
The incredible part of this is that @ChasinSpin custom engineered these sensors in about 2 months and they worked inside the tornado on the first iteration. We hope to achieve many more deployments but with so many more sensors floating around inside tornadoes.

We hope that there were no lives lost from this tornado, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people impacted by this devastating storm.

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