The Historic Tornado Season of 2011, revisited

The 2011 storm season was one the most active tornado season in recorded U.S. history, with over 750 tornadoes during the month of April alone, including an unprecedented six EF5 tornadoes. Over 200 tornadoes touched down during the tragic April 27, 2011 outbreak across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, to as far east as the Carolinas, which is the highest number of tornado reports on any single day in recorded history. The TVN team assisted in the recovery effort in Tuscaloosa, AL, struck head on by a violent EF4 tornado on the April 27 outbreak, with horrible damage that was eerily similar to the May 3, 1999 tornado in Moore, OK. This outbreak was only two weeks after the April 15, 2011 tornado outbreak in “Dixie Alley”, with over 100 tornadoes touching down from Mississippi through Alabama. May of 2011 was yet another active month for tornadoes, and sadly included the infamous Joplin, MO EF5 tornado, one of the strongest and deadliest tornadoes in decades. May 24 and 25 also were significant tornado outbreaks from the southern Great Plains through the Lower Mississippi River Valley, including another EF5 tornado in central OK that struck the town of Piedmont, OK to just west of Guthrie. The season was ended with a tornado intercept near Ravenna, NE on June 20, 2011, and on a relative high-note with no lives lost. Dominate the storm in 2014.

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