TORNADO INSANITY of the record-breaking 2011 season. 2nd most tornadoes in record U.S. History

2011 was the second most active year in U.S. recorded history for tornadoes, with over 1,703 tornadoes, including six EF5s, behind only 2004 when 1,817 tornadoes were confirmed. April of 2011 was the most active month in recorded history in the U.S. including the prolific April 15 outbreak and the Super Outbreak of April 25-27, 2011. Included in this video are the April 26 and 27 tornadoes intercepted, but we also observed nocturnal tornadoes in central Arkansas on April 25. 2011 was a La Nina spring, with abnormally cool sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean. In May 2011 the insane season for tornadoes continued, including a prolific outbreak on May 24, 2011 with an EF5 in Piedmont, OK, and another EF5 slammed Joplin, MO as one of the most deadly tornadoes in history on May 22, 2011.

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