TORNADO INTERCEPT VAULT: June 17, 2010 Minnesota tornado, Dominator 1 intercepts!

This video shows the intercepts of the Almora-Bluffton, MN area tornadoes in the Dominator 1, the first of which we launched our trackable parachute probes inside the tornado using the compressed air cannon of Dominator 1.

This video is the first of a series in support of the JOEL TAYLOR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Soon, we hope to begin the process of selecting a recipient for the scholarship, with the goal of supporting a full-time meteorology student at OU!

Please consider donating to the Joel Taylor Memorial Scholarship here:

This video shows one of many tornado intercepts with Joel behind the wheel of the Dominator – the Almora-Buffton, Minnesota area tornadoes on June 17, 2010. This intercept shows Joel’s dedication to our field science and his passion for storm chasing, and also in saving lives in the path of these storms (relaying tornado reports ahead of the damaging Wadena tornado). The Joel Taylor Memorial Scholarship was formed to support meteorology students at the University of Oklahoma with a similar passion for the science of meteorology, storm chasing, and a strong desire to save lives from severe weather.

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